Rental terms and conditions

Holiday home: De Pastorie – Fleriskotstraat 33 – 8431 Wilskerke


  • The house is completely in order, so please take care of it and have respect for it; even after you there will be other holiday makers.
  • As owners/landlord, we always retain the right to enter or leave the rented rooms during your stay and following our request, to have them entered for inspection and urgent maintenance work.
  • The property should be managed by the tenant with all due care and diligence during the rental period and the tenant is liable for any damages caused during the stay.
  • A maximum of 20 people may stay in the property (babies not counted). This number may not be exceeded in any case whatsoever.
  • Upon leaving, please return all material and furniture that you have moved to their original location and leave the house swept clean.


  • Camp fires are forbidden.


  • If items are broken, please don’t hesitate to tell us. It is always time-consuming having to arrange things afterwards, following departure.
  • May we ask that all bed linen be removed before departure and placed on the bed in the bedroom.
  • ALL waste (including food leftovers from the fridge and freezer) must be placed in a closed and fastened rubbish bag in the garden house on departure.

Please sort by paper - plastic bottles, tins and cans and drinks and food cartons - residual waste.

Payment terms and conditions

  • The reservation is only accepted after payment of the deposit, immediately upon booking.
  • The actual rent must be transferred no later than 6 weeks prior to the arrival date.
  • In the event of untimely payment of the rental, the reservation will be cancelled. The deposit will not be refunded.

Changes in the rental agreement

  • These changes are only possible after an agreement has been reached in writing between the landlord and the renter.
  • The tenant may cancel the rental agreement at any time on condition that this is done in writing with due observance of the following article (cancellation costs).


The cancellation costs are as follows:

  • €150: up to 6 weeks prior to the arrival date;
  • 100% of the rental sum: as from 6 weeks prior to the arrival date.


  • The landlord is not liable for possible accidents.
  • In the event that eventual damages should exceed the amount of the deposit, these will be invoiced to the tenant afterwards.


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